Describe Your Office Setup

This is an important part of your listing. As business owners, the members of this Swap My Office community need to know that you have what they need to continue to run their business while they are staying at your place.

Some will need only a wifi signal and a table, whereas others may need more, such as a printer or space in your filing cabinet. Others may need an outside office in which to see clients. It's all about finding the match that is right for you and your exchange partners. 

So in addition to checking all the boxes that apply to your office situation, describe in words the particulars of your office. Perhaps your home office has the most reliable wifi you've ever experienced...if so, say it. Or you have a video studio set up in a spare bedroom where the light from the outside is the best. Or you see your massage clients in an older home a mile away that closes at 8 pm. 

Again, err on the side of more information than less, but keep it as succinct as you can.