Let Us In On Your Surroundings

Every community, neighborhood, city or region has its own flavor. Give prospective exchange partners a feel for what it's like where you live—but from the perspective of someone who's never been there. 

What is there to do close to your home? Are you an hour away from the beach, a dormant volcano, a National Park? Add to the attractiveness of your listing by suggesting great road trips or letting people know about local events, such as the annual historical cemetery tour. What's available that might add to the adventure and intrigue of a new location and new cultural experience? 

And don't forget to include "business things" about your area. Do you live in a place with great photoshoot locations? Does your friendship circle include fellow business owners who would enjoy showing your swap-mate around or inviting them to gatherings? Are you near a local bar or coffee house with "local characters" that might inspire a writer's next great novel?

Remember, you're "marketing" your listing almost like you'd market a product or service. So recall all that you love about your community, even if you've lived there for decades and don't think about it much these days.