Important! Please Read Our Guidelines

Swap My Office is a vast network of entrepreneurs with a goal of growing their experiences globally through the home and/or office exchanges. Members of the community are professionals and business owners from all walks of life who understand the value of great work-life balance, who love travel and exploration and who desire to enrich their lives while ensuring that they can run their business, as needed, from another location.

Be Respectful

Running a successful business is challenging, just like building a strong community. It's based on a foundation of trust and effective communication. Swap My Office members live all across the world and come from many different cultures. Treat others in the community in a respectable and considerate manner. 

Participate Actively and Accurately

Swap My Office is a self-moderating community. Create accurate listings when describing your home-office. Look out for your own safety by carefully reading profiles when searching and securing an exchange. After a swap, help other members by leaving references and honest reviews of your experience. Be fair in your comments and stick to the facts. Provide examples of constructive information. Highlight the details that will be useful to other members.

Create Only One Profile

Your profile is where you will showcase your home-office, feature your travel experiences and build a reputation in the Swap My Office community. It’s the starting point in building that foundation of trust with other members. So stand by your profile and create only one. They are for real people only and fake profiles are prohibited.

Do NOT Promote

While we are a community of professionals and business owners, Swap My Office is NOT a venue for conducting business. Website URLs and solicitations are not allowed in your profile. Do not use the messaging system or member forum to promote your business or products. And do not send promotional emails or external links to other members of this community. Should you engage in any of the above practices, your profile will be blocked and banned.

Do NOT Harass Other Members

The messaging system and comment boards on Swap My Office are also not to be used to bombard other members with unwanted emails and external links. Additionally, do not contact members for the purpose of dating or to look for personal relationships. Swap My Office is not a dating site. Contacting members in this manner will be considered harassment and will result in your profile being blocked and banned.

Be Inspired and Have Fun

Owning your own business and working out of a home-office is a lifestyle that many people do not have. The ability to make your own hours allows you to be flexible with your time and have the option to travel more, which will provide you with a lifetime of great memories.
You should never feel obligated to accept a request to make a home-office swap, but be open to the possibility of a new experience. Being a member of the Swap My Office community is a privilege, not a right. It’s a community of like-minded entrepreneurs generously opening up their homes, which allows you to expand your network globally.
Likewise, as a host, your hospitality is appreciated and goes a long way in strengthening the community. So always remember to be a courteous guest and a welcoming and gracious host. But don’t forget to have fun, while you grow your connections worldwide.
These guidelines can be updated at any time, at the discretion of Swap My Office. Please visit the site's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more information.